Concepts for Goodnature — an industrial design company who work in association with 
the Department of Conservation to produce traps for possums and other pests in New Zealand.

Work included:
Instruction booklets
Graphics for traps
Spreads for an infographic conservation book

Concepts for an infographic conservation book
Instruction booklet
Box front
Box back
Graphics for lure (attaches to trap)

"Since mid 2010 Carly has contributed to our work at Goodnature Limited as a graphic designer on a range of projects... 

At Goodnature Carly contributed to graphic design at the concept and finished stage on packaging, safety information, instruction manuals and publication material. Carly was given tasks to undertake as part of the team and in isolation. Throughout her time with us Carly undertook tasks professionally and promptly and always delivered fantastic quality results. Carly was also receptive to advice and criticism.

Carly is punctual and always delivered on agreed obligations.

I would highly recommend Carly to any employer and am happy to discuss further with anyone considering her for a position."
Stu Barr
Goodnature Limited
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