A campaign for Islam awareness
A comprehensive campaign to raise awareness and provoke conversation around Islamic culture 
in New Zealand.

Campaign combines print, web and social media.

Campaign booklet shows every aspect of the campaign.
University project.

I conducted an online survey of 200 people in New Zealand, asking the question; ‘Would you support a public Burqa ban in New Zealand?’ There were some very interesting results, in which I found that 60% of people would support a Burqa ban, many commenting that foreigners should try to fit in with New Zealand culture. I found through this survey, and through discussing this issue on forums, that many people have an opinion about this issue.

This interested me, and I decided to base my campaign around the idea of raising awareness, knowledge and discussion/debate. 
Back, and front cover

The billboards are designed to be controversial, to make people think, to engage the viewer by actively asking a question. They are designed to appear like political billbaords. 
Week 2 billboard.
Posters in situ on Riddiford st in Newtown.

This series of 5 posters were printed A2 and placed on Riddiford St in Newtown. 

A sheet of stickers was designed to be placed inside an informational booklet, which will be handed out at events during the week. The stickers are designed to be a little more fun, and to further promote the campaign. The stickers are a more interactive medium, as they encourage people to both interact with the message, and with the environments in which the message will be place and received.
T-shirts and event stands

Social media.
Facebook and twitter pages. 

Facebook and Twitter pages were made to compliment the website. Social media is an important aspect of this campaign, as it is all about joining, connecting, discussing, debating, sharing opinions, being part of a diverse (and often global) community. 


This is the main feature of the campaign. All the other print and online media compliment the website, but ultimately aim to direct viewers to the site. The aim of the website is primarily to raise awareness, by providing audiences with a place to discuss and debate their opinions about certain issues. 

Data from survey of 200 New Zealanders

Locations of posters, billboards and various events
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